Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ninja costume

Hello my friends :)!

It's been a long time since I last posted on my blog. I missed it very much!! Being a mom is a full time job that makes me ponder at the end of the day, "where the time has gone"??!!! It goes by too fast. Hence why, I have inadvertently neglected my blog. I don't have much time to do anything!!! Although I have been busy with my, not so newborn baby, I promise I will try to post activities I have been doing with my son every week.

Nevertheless, I appreciate-- very much, your faithful support by checking my blog every day. You  rock :)!!! Thank you!!!!

As I mentioned before, my son loves dressing up. As Halloween is approaching, he wants to be "some type of super hero" every single day. Some days he is a Power Ranger, other days he is Wolwerine, and it keeps going through all the super heroes :). Lately he is very much into Ninjas, and off course he asked for a costume. As costumes can be quite expensive, specially when your kid wants to be all the super heroes he can possibly be, I decided to design one with the resources I have at home.

I decided to share my idea with those moms whom are looking for a Ninja costume without spending much money.  It is a good and quite cheap idea, and most importantly it looks very much like a Ninja costume. The only expense I had with this costumes was the kit with the mask and swords that I bought at Target for $6. The rest of the outfit was black trousers, socks and top, and I also used my baby sling to wrap around my son's chest to give that final lookalike Ninja vest. The baby sling is used to hold the swords too.

My son loved his looked better than the ones we saw available at the stores. He totally embraced the character, giving me those Ninja scary eyes when taking the picture :).

Hope this will be useful for you. Thank you :).


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