Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Multiplication Problem Solving

Hello everyone :), hope you are well!!!

Lately I have been teaching multiplication to my son. I designed a multiplication table and he is learning it by heart. I am not a fan of memorization activities his studies. I believe that reading and explaining the information within your own words is the best way to learn something. Most of the times information adapted with this methodology will be retained for meany years to come. Therefore, the multiplication table is a case apart, in my point of view. It is a system of repetition until you know it by heart.

The table is done up to 10.

I also created problem solving worksheets to help him develop his critical thinking skills, and practice multiplication. Below are a few examples.

This material is available for free on TPT. To download your free copy just click on the following link please: Multiplication Problem Solving -

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