Hi I am originally from Brazil and moved to London/UK to study English in 2003. We lived in London for nearly 7 years, and during this period I studied at Middlesex University and received a BA to teach English, Spanish and Portuguese languages. My husband is from Chicago and last year we decided to move back here. We have a 4 year and 9 months old gorgeous and intelligent boy, who I am teaching at home. In this blog I want to share and receive learning activities for children at home that will help them to develop their educational skills. Will you please share with me the projects and learning activities you have developed to enrich our children together? I am researching books and the Internet to find the appropriate materials and methodologies to aid my son’s learning process. Thus any of your relevant experiences and thoughts about this matter would be invaluable, many thanks.


  1. I think this is an excellent blog and appreciate the learning activities that you have provided. One area that is often neglected in the education of our children is food literacy. Incorporating foods into learning activities helps to encourage discussion about foods and health. Examples are: When teaching to count or doing math, use apple slices or carrots. Show a color wheel with different fruits and vegetables, like all of the colored peppers. Matching games with foods, etc... Additionally, including kids in safe kitchen activities has been shown to improve their self-efficacy, confidence, and problem solving. I look forward to reading more. Thanks for starting this.

    1. Hey Carrie how are you? Have you checked our Snake lunch today? Have a great day!!!!! Fabiana

    2. I agree with Carrie. This is a fascinating blog. From the pictures it seems like you and your son are having a great time learning new things. It's a wonderful thing to see when a child and their parent engage in these learning activities together. Parents are a child's first teacher. Thanks for sharing. I'll definitely pass your blog on.

    3. Hello Angus, thanks for your kind words and support. I really appreciate it, it means a lot to me. Thank you!!!! Fabiana

  2. Hi Carrie thanks for your kind words. I also appreciate your recommendations. Do you have any recipes or activities that you would like to share with me to be posted on my blog? I would be happy to give it a go. Would you please tell your friends and family about my blog. Thanks :)))).

  3. Hi Fabiana, your blog is fantastic, I hope you have lots of success with it and look forward to sharing it with my friends - xxx

  4. Hi Fabiana,

    It looks like you are doing some really amazing things with your son! I was just wondering if you could share some of your reasons for choosing to homeschool.

    I have been considering it myself, but one of the areas I feel I would have trouble covering is social development. What are your strategies for building social skills and encouraging interactions with peers and other adults.

  5. Hello there :),

    Thanks for asking my opinion about this important decision that you have to make. I really appreciate the trust. My son is very active, creative and sociable boy. However, he struggles when he needs to do something that requires attention. I remember when I started teaching him; he wouldn't sit quietly for 5 minutes. He was too busy paying attention to everything else rather than the task. Hence, I decided to homeschool him, because I wanted to build a strong foundation and understanding of how the educational system works in order to prepare him for his future and the upcoming school years.

    To develop his social skills, I try to make him be around kids as much as possible. I invite friends over for dinner or tea, we visit museums and playgrounds quite a lot, he also does psychical exercises, as well as interacting weekly with his church friends.

    Homeschooling is very challenging but worth it, even if it is just for a year. It is a remarkable experience for you and your children.
    Hope I was helpful :).
    Good luck in your new journey.