Monday, April 8, 2013

Question and Exclamation Words Poster

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When my son needed to work on punctuation; writing questions and exclamation words, he sometimes struggles to recognize and apply to writing. I have been seeking options for a while to make him understand this concept in an effective and successful way. As well as preventing as much frustration when writing a journal, or simply doing a punctuation exercise.
It seems like I found a solution :). I designed a question mark and exclamation point words poster to help him recognize the most common words when using these two punctuations. It also aims to aid him in writing and using punctuation. If your pupils are going through the same problem as my son, these poster will certainly help him to improve his writing skills.

These posters may be put on your writing center or bulletin board for display. 

There are two different backgrounds for each poster. The images below are samples:

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