Friday, April 5, 2013

Making shapes with marshmallows

Today was a day that my son revised many of subjects he had studied. Some of the materials he reviewed were: plants, telling the time, coloring according to the sight words, place value, writing and shapes.

He made shapes using Kebab sticks and marshmallows, it was a super duper yummy exercise :))).

The rule was that every time he would make the shape right he was allowed to eat one marshmallow. He made it through to the end, I can inform you that in the end of the task his sugar level was quite high and made him very active and excited :). All he wanted to do was jump and run around the house with our dog (Jessie) :).

His first creation was a square shape.

 Furthermore, he designed a diamond, triangle, octagon, hexagon, trapezoid, rectangle and pentagon.

He also made a circle and oval shape using just marshmallows. 

It was certainly a very sweet day and my son enjoyed it very much. I like exercises like this because my son has the opportunity to learn, have fun and eat too :). This is an inexpensive and fun activity that capture the kid's attention, making them grasp the context of the lesson effectively.

Have a wonderful weekend. Thanks.


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