Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring unit

Hello everyone!!!! Hope you had a great day!!!

Today we finished our spring math and literacy center that I purchased on TPT from Deanna Jump.

 My son practiced addition.

He worked with blending words.

Furthermore, he did a great exercise about rhyming.

He practiced more addition using dice.

He also did an exercise about greater, fewer and equal.

Moreover, he did an activity about measurement. This worksheet was fantastic, he put the kites in order first, from the shortest to the longest. Then he used a string to measure the kite, and used it as a tail for the correct kite. 

He also practiced telling the time, sort the number of sounds based on a picture given, skip counting by 2's, patterns, and counting by tens and ones.

My son certainly had a lot of fun doing these exercises. As I mentioned yesterday this pack comes with 122 pages, and its worth buying, I highly recommend.

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