Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bird Nest

Hello everyone, hope you had a great day today. The weather was lovely here in Chicago - it was warm, the sky was blue and the sun was shining :)))) - a perfect spring day.

To welcome spring again :), my son created a bird nest, which looked very nice. The idea was taken from Kaboose. They used American moss to create the nest, and we used sticks and leaves that we picked from our front yard. The bird and the eggs were made from felt. We used paper plate to glue the artwork.

My son also wrote a note "welcome spring" and glued it onto the paper plate. The image below is the final result. It looked quite cute :)!!! This craft is very easy and inexpensive to make, as well as perfect to create when teaching about spring or birds.

I also have designed a pack focusing on shapes. In this pack you will find an uncolored version of a bunny to use to create a mosaic. I also prepared the colored shapes, which you simply need to print and cut.

Furthermore, I created four exercises focusing on shapes: the first one the student will count the number of shapes he used on his mosaic. The second one he will answer a few questions about greatest and smallest, again all related to his mosaic. The third exercise is about pattern. The last worksheet is a word search based on the name of the shapes.

This material is available for FREE on TPT. To download your free copy simply click on the following link:

I would very much appreciate your rating on this product. Thanks :)))!!!

Have a nice day tomorrow.

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