Monday, March 25, 2013

Kentucky trip

As I mentioned on my last post, we went on a weekend trip to Lexington Kentucky to visit my friend's parents. This was the first holiday I took since I moved to Chicago a year ago. I must say that my first trip was SENSATIONAL!!!!!! We met wonderful, kind and loving people on our trip. They were all welcoming and embraced us as their own family. I loved Kentucky, I could picture myself living there many times during our trip :))!!

My friend told me that Kentucky was known as the horse capital, thus she wanted us to experience and learn more about horses. We visited the Kentucky Horse Park, and we had a blast. The weather was great too, blue sky and the sun shone all day long. Kentucky offered us a peaceful and breathtaking vista as well as many other interesting attractions for adults and children. We visited the museum where we learned about the history of horse racing. In addition, we had the opportunity to see many different types of chariots, including one of the oldest one, which belonged to Louis XVI made in 1780.

 My son had a blast at the park!!! There were many activities to keep him learning and interested in horses. He rode a pony, which was the highlight of his day, as well as learned to take care of a horse. He learned to use the right brushes for each part of the horse's body, and also had the opportunity to put it into practice.

Another exciting attraction was the Horses of the World. There was a parade of many different types of horses that came from different parts of the world. In this spectacle we were introduced the horse and its breed, as well as a brief explanation about it's background.

Moreover, my son also experienced his first egg hunt outdoors. He was super fast and tried to grab as many eggs as he could :)).

We also went to visit the Woodford Reserve, one of the most prestigious distillery in Kentucky.The place is very beautiful and well preserved. It is indeed a must visit.

Kentucky is a beautiful state full of awesome people, and I can't wait to go back :))!!!

Back to reality :))), we started our week learning about spring. I purchased a spring math and literacy center on TPT from Deanna Jump, which we began to work on today. We just did a few activities but I can tell you that is brilliant. My son did addition, opposites, sentence order, vocabulary, spelling, real and nonsense words and vowel sounds. All the activities are very well explained, as well completed with eye-catching images, and fun exercises to captivate your child's attention. This pack comes with 122 pages, and its worth buying, I highly recommend.

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead. Thanks :)).


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