Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Welcome Spring

I am very excited that the Spring season has arrived. It fills my heart with joy because I think its one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. In addition, it is getting close to my baby to be due in June :)). Can't wait to meet him and hold him :))).

To welcoming the Spring, my son did an art piece with melted crayons. Now and then, I see on Pinterest crafts with melted crayons, and I always thought to myself that one day we would do it too. I found on Sari Jane's blog many inspirational craft ideas to create on canvas. One of these were a  melted crayon flower garden. We did not have canvas at home, so I improvised by using cardboard, and then wrapped it with white construction paper. I also did not want to use new crayons as I had too many small pieces that we were not coloring with anymore. Thus I thought using the small pieces in this artwork would be a very useful idea, and besides that, we recycle. I used hot glue gun to stick the crayons on the paper. I did not allow my son to operate the hot glue as it can be quite dangerous for young children if they burn themselves.

Afterwards, my son covered the table with newspapers, and began to melt the crayons using the hair dryer. It took him 20 minutes to finish melting the crayons according to his desired end.

Whilst my son was occupied with melting the crayons, I cut paper into shapes of flowers.

After the melting job was done, he let the paper dry for about 10 minutes, and started designing the followers and gluing it onto the crayon board. We used colored toothpicks for the stem of the flower, which we glued with normal school glue.

The image below is the final artwork. It looks quite awesome, I really am tempted to frame it :)))).

Moreover, my son created a butterfly using the tempera painting technique and his feet to design the insect.

Tomorrow we are going to a trip to Kentucky :))). I will be posting many wonderful things we will probably do at the Horse Capital :))).

Have a great day tomorrow. Thanks :)).


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