Thursday, March 14, 2013

Shamrock Shake

Hello everyone :)), hope you all had a wonderful day!!!

I saw on Enchanted Learning website ( a rainbow in a cup made from jello. I thought it was a fun and delicious way to enjoy, our already loved, jello.  We used strawberry jello to get the red color, orange jello for orange color, lemon jello for yellow color, lime jello for green color, blueberry jello for blue color, and we mixed strawberry and blueberry jello for purple color. For each jello flavor we used 1 tablespoon of jello and 1/4 cup of hot water.

To make this jello rainbow in a cup, requires patience because it takes about 2 days to finish as you need to refrigerate it each time you add a flavor. We started it yesterday early afternoon, and finished it today. However, it is a great way to teach children to learn to be patient as sometimes things in our lives are beyond our willingness to conclude a job :)). Science and time, in this case, are the controllers of the situation :))). I know most of you, who are parents, may think it is a long task. However, as you know children learn mostly by watching and not by listening.
My son was so happy to finish his jello rainbow in a cup because he wanted to see the result, as well as satisfy his appetite for the jelly :)). He said that all the flavors together tasted delicious!!!!

Today we also learned St. Patrick's Day vocabulary. I downloaded the material shown below for free on TPT from Reading is Love. The vocabulary activity is called St. Patrick's Day Vocabulary Pack: Write the Room and Word/Picture Matching -
This is a very complete, easy to read and eye-catching illustrations, which made my son very interested and motivated to do the exercises. 
Another great material we worked on yesterday is called St. Patrick's Day from Comp Ed Inc - This material is very useful as it explains the history behind St. Patrick. The language is easy for the kids to read and comprehend. It also has many activities including: drawing, maze, word search, crossword, reading comprehension questions, spelling, patterns, coloring and writing. I highly recommend you to download both of the materials.

The highlight of the day was our shamrock shake. We made ours based on the famous McDonald's shamrock shake.  Before making the shake I designed the shamrock leaf and put the straw in the middle. This craft is super easy to create, and looks adorable. I took the idea from Martha Stewart  webiste -

The recipe for the shamrock shake is super easy too. Its simply 2 cups of a very good quality of vanilla ice cream, I used Haagen Dazs, 3/4 cup of milk, 3/4 teaspoon of mint extract, 10 drops of green food coloring, and 2 cubes of ice. Mix all the ingredients for about 3 minutes, and pour the shake in a glass. Decorate it with whip cream and two leaves of mint or cherry. Put the straw and enjoy :)))!!! This shake is so deliciously refreshing and super tasty!!!! My son and I had a great time drinking it this afternoon :))).

Hope you enjoy our post today. Have a great Friday. Thanks :)!


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