Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pasta Rainbow

This week we are celebrating St. Patrick's Day. In Brazil we never celebrated it because there are not many Irish people over there. However, I learned to love it when I was living in London. The celebration over there is huge and spectacular. One of the things I love the most is the music, and the sound of the Bagpipes. It touches my heart so much, and I always get emotional. Hence, I am looking forward to the parade this weekend in Chicago :)!!!

Today, I wanted to do something fun with my son. Thus, we started making a pasta rainbow. I used Tubetti pasta and 6 different colors of food coloring for this recipe. I also used a measuring cup and 6 Ziploc bags.


1st step: Cook the past according to cooking direction as specified on the box. Add olive oil and salt to the water to bring out the flavor off the pasta. My son measured 6 times, 1/8 cup of pasta to cook for our rainbow. Whilst the pasta was cooking, I also boiled one egg to make the clouds for the rainbow. However, you can create them with whatever you like for instance cheese.

2nd step: When the pasta is ready to drain, I suggest you, do not pour out the water, but keep it to mix with the food coloring.

3rd step: In your Ziploc bag add about 15 drops of food coloring and 2 tablespoons of the saved pasta water. Then add 1/8 cup of the cooked pasta. Close the bag and shake it a bit, and put it aside. Repeat the process for each color you are making.

We used red, purple, yellow (which became orange), blue, light green and dark green food coloring.

4th step: Drain the colored pasta and put it on a plate. Remember to wash the strainer each time you use it.

5th step: Start assembling the rainbow. I showed a picture of a rainbow to my son, and he carefully with his little hands started creating his rainbow. He also ate half of the pasta rainbow whilst assembling :))!!!.

6th step: Place the cooked boiled eggs on the rainbow. My son loves cheese, thus he also added a bit of Parmesan cheese around the egg, which created a nice cloud effect.

My son was so pleased with his food that he ate almost everything before dinner :)))). This recipe is easy and fun to make with your kid. I highly recommend this for kids that are fussy eaters, I certainly assure you they would love to eat this yummy rainbow :). It also could be made using spaghetti or linguini pasta. Furthermore, it is a great activity to enhance hand and eye coordination, as well as teaching or practicing measurement.

Hope you enjoy our post today. Thanks :)).


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