Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day, there is always something very magical about it. You walk on the streets and people are smiling, buying flowers and chocolates, and the cards section at Target are super crowed :). People are constantly finding unique reasons to demonstrate and express their love to their loved ones. I could not wait until tomorrow to help my son to make something special to give to his dad.

I was searching on the internet and I found something really special on Make and Takes. It was a counting down to Valentines with 14 acts of love. The following link is to their craft in case you would like to see it:

I thought the idea was pretty cool, but I wanted to make a bit different. I didn't use the counting down idea, but instead I asked my son to write down 14 reasons why he loves his dad. The materials I used to create our Valentine craft were:
*flower pot
*purple and red construction paper
*kebab sticks


1st step: Arrange the stones nicely in the pot.

2nd step: Cut the construction paper into heart shapes, 7 for each color.

3rd step: Print and label your pot: 14 Reasons Why I Love you. Then cut it into a heart shape. Pass the ribbon around the top edge of the pot and make a nice bow.

4th step: Ask your child to write the reasons he loves his dad or mom on each heart shape. Then glue the stick on the back of the card.

5th step:Arrange the heart cards around the flower pot nicely.

My son already gave my husband the present, and he really loved it. He loved the creativity and uniqueness of the gift. My husband said he is going to put it on the table in his office. My son was really pleased to hear that because he knows that his dad will look at his gift everyday and think about him. My son also enjoyed designing it and writing some of the many reasons he loves and appreciates his dad.

It is a simple and easy activity that has a lot of meaning for the one who is receiving. Hope you enjoy our post today :).

Take care.
Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!


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