Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's day

Hello you all :), hope you had a wonderful valentine's day. Mine is being pretty awesome :)))!!!

I wanted to write a card for my husband but wanted to do something different and extraordinary. I have a few stones that we picked on the lake the other day, and I thought that writing on it would be quite awesome. I used tempera painting and a tooth stick to write on the stone.

I used wrapping paper and a ribbon to wrap the stone. I gave it to my husband and he said it was a wonderful gift. I was very pleased with his reaction :)))!!!.

I also gave a stone to my son.

I received a card from my son too, which was super cute :)!

Another craft that I made today was a "Woven Paper Heart Valentine Baskets by Aunt Annie's Crafts". This paper basket is adorable, I used it for a candy holder. The instructions on how to make are given on her website which is:

I loved the crafts we made today, hope you also enjoyed it :)). Have a terrific evening. Thanks.


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