Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Today we learned about Plants. We read books about leaves, roots and seeds by Patricia Whitehouse, which are very explicative and easy for the child to comprehend the context of the text.

My son has been asking me to plant a few seeds for a long time. Hence today was the perfect day to do it. We went to our local Ace Hardware store and purchased soil and seeds to start our little garden.We got parsley, chives, tomato, forget-me-not and marigold. We followed the instructions written on the soil package to sow our seeds. As it is too cold outside we are keeping the plant pots inside until the weather gets warmer. I am quite excited to watch our little garden grow, as well as seasoning our dishes with our own herbs :)!!!

I also downloaded for free on TPT a wonderful project about plants called "Plants are living Things Project". It is an easy and fun project that helps the child to learn why plants are living things. If you are interested to recreate this project just click on the following link please to learn the instructions of how to make it:

Hope you enjoyed our post today. Thanks!!!

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