Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Cat in the Hat Mosaic

Today was an amazing and very productive day. Although, I had a failed attempting to make deviled eggs, everything else went smoothly. I wanted to create the green eggs and ham idea, but the recipe I found on the internet wasn't tasty. If any of you have a delicious deviled eggs recipe to share, I really appreciate :).

My son began his day reading "Green Eggs and Ham" - that's where my inspiration to make the deviled eggs came from :))!!!.

Afterwards he did a series of activities that we downloaded from the Seussville webiste. He did ABC order, word search, rhyming, coloring pages, and also played games. We found this cute cat and hat tic-tac-toe (image below) on the website. The link to download the activities I mentioned is the following:

Moreover, my son created a mosaic with the cat in the hat pattern. The pattern of the mosaic was designed into shapes: square, circle, triangle and diamond. We used the construction paper to make the mosaic. The pattern is available to download on Just 4 teachers: Sharing Across Borders:

Furthermore, my son described me what was his favorite Dr. Seuss book. He said that he liked "The Cat in the Hat" because it is funny :))). I totally agree :)))!!!! This worksheet was downloaded from TPT:

It's been a fun and enjoyable day so far :), hope yours was as great as ours :)!!! Tomorrow there is more Dr. Seuss!!! Have a great evening!!! Thanks.


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