Saturday, March 2, 2013


Yesterday, I had the opportunity to host a lovely afternoon for my friends. As I wanted to spend as much time with them as I could, I decided to serve canapes. I love canapes as I think it makes a good impression on your guests, as well as it tastes delicious.  My son was a great helper as always. He helped me to prepare the canapes making sure it looked beautiful. What I love about having my son in the kitchen helping me, is that he is constantly asking the ingredients I am using, and also giving me suggestions of how I could improve my cooking. He is always keening on help and learn. I truly believe that teaching them from a young age to enjoy the pleasure of cooking, it will develop their interest for food as well as leading them to a healthy diet. It also teaches attention to detail, hand and eye coordination, and an end in result that is for the good of others and not ones' self.

We served cheese with olives, sun-dried tomato and sweet pickles, as well as a cheese platter. I also prepared cucumbers with sauce and smoked salmon, and tacos with "pico de gallo". I love cooking for my family and friends, and I wanted to share these pictures with you so maybe it will inspire you for your next party :))). The images below are some ideas of the canapes I prepared.

I also made two homemade sauces to have with the crackers.

It was a wonderful afternoon, and everyone enjoyed the food!!! Hope you enjoyed the post and felt inspired!!!! Have a terrific weekend. Thanks!!!


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