Monday, February 25, 2013

Let's Compare

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Since last week, I have been working with comparison numbers with my son. He did many exercises, however, he was still struggling when comparing and ordering the numbers. I felt he needed extra practice before moving on to the next chapter of our math book.

Hence, I designed a set of activities for my son, and also for the teachers and parents that feel their students/children need extra practice when doing exercises involving comparison. There are 20 exercises that allow them to practice ordering and comparing numbers up to 100. The students will also be familiarized with new vocabulary such as smaller, lesser, greater, greatest and smallest.

All the activities are designed with eye catching spring pictures, which helps the students to concentrate and be motivated.

The images below are samples of the material:

This material is available on TPT. To purchase your copy please click on the following link to access my store on TPT: 

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