Sunday, February 24, 2013

President's Day

This week we studied about presidents. We did many activities involving Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. All the materials we studied were downloaded for free on TPT.

We also made a few crafts. The idea of the craft below was taken from DLTK Kids website. The instructions of how to make this artwork can be found accessing the following link:

Furthermore, we created a Lincoln's  hat. I found this artwork on Kaboose which was designed by Amanda Formaro. To access the instructions of how to make this hat click on the link below please:

On one of my posts named Plants posted on 2/5/13, I mentioned that we had planted a few herbs and flowers. So, after 19 days, the pictures below illustrate how much our plants have grown. I am quite excited and can't wait for the day when I will use my herbs on my dishes :))).

Another idea I would like to share with you all was taken from Pinterest. The pin is called how to grow spring onions indoor by Budget Savvy Diva. It is a simple and brilliant idea. All you need to do is to save 2 inches of the spring onion steam and put in on a glass with water.  I started it last Monday and I can tell you that it works and it is growing. This is the link to get more information:
The picture below is my own spring onion :).

Hope you have a terrific week. Thanks!!!!!


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