Saturday, July 14, 2012


Kids love science and experimenting with different chemicals to discover the reaction. My kids love science and experimenting, and with that said today was not exception, we decided to clean our pennies with vinegar. This investigation is very easy and inexpensive to make coupled with being quite interesting. All you need is vinegar, pennies, lime, paper towels and a bowl. When I was a child my grandmother used to clean the burner drip pan and cap with vinegar and washing up liquid; she would leave it covered with the solution overnight. Vinegar is very powerful for cleaning and an excellent product to remove the burnt in grease from the burner drip.

The kids poured 1 cup of vinegar into the pot and squeezed lime drops, and then the pennies. The mixture of the coins with the solution began to make little bubbles.

We left the coins in the solution for approximately 1 hour and then we rinsed. Some coins were really shiny however some of the dirtiest ones didn't clean much, just superficially. 

This was one of the easiest science experiments we did. The kids liked it a lot. 

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