Monday, July 16, 2012

Counting coins

Hope you are all well!!! Last week I started introducing coins and their names to my son, and this week I want to focus on counting the coins. I would like to share useful websites that I used to teach him today . 

Every time I start teaching a new subject I like to play songs or show videos of the subject in context, as I noticed that my son learns a lot from it, specially the songs. Its so amazing how the kids can listen to a song just once and then start singing it afterwards; their ability to learn and memorise the words amazes me!!!!!!
I found two songs on youtube about counting coins that are quite nice. The link for the songs are below.


Another brilliant website I recommend is called Cookie. Its an awesome website that contains many educational games involving languages, phonics, maths, science and many more. It is also fun, very well structured and kids love it. The following link is the counting coins games we played today.


Following the songs and games, I gave to my son a money match exercise. The aim of the exercise was to count a combination of pennies, nickels, and dimes up to $1.00 on cards, and he needed to match it with the correct money match. 

The exercise is free and available on teacherspayteachers website:

The picture below is just a sample how it looks like.
This exercise works better for those who knows how to skip counting. I thought this was a great exercise and I will ask my son to do this activity again to help him to recognise the coins and develop his skip counting skills. 

Hope these information was useful :)! Let me know if you have any recommendations for counting coins for kindergarten students. Thanks :))))!!!

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