Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Frog Life Cycle

The last animal species I taught to my son to finalise this chapter was Amphibians. I was babysitting my son's friend, so she joined the lesson with him. As we all love frogs I followed a brilliant idea of a craft of a frog life cycle on the DLTK website, which is one of my favorite websites for craft ideas -

It is a simple, educational and fun activity and you just need paper plate, blue and green construction paper, aluminium foil, egg box cut to make just 4 eggs.


1 - To make the pod the kids used a paper plate and wrapped it with a blue construction paper. They glued the paper onto the plate and cut the edges to make it round.

2 - Afterwards they used foil and wrapped it around the paper plate to make it look like a pod.

3 - Then the kids made their own frog and tadpole with construction paper. They saw a model on the DKLT website and just attempted to copy by looking. It looked quite cute!!!

4 - Following, I printed the arrows template from the DKLT website, and asked them to write the directions of the frog life cycle on their blank arrows.

5 - To make the frog eggs we used an egg carton and painted with black marker on top.

6 - To put the items together, I read aloud the frog life cycle to them and they would stuck each item in order round the pond. 1 step: The eggs hatch into tadpoles; 2 step: The tadpoles grow into frogs; 3 step: the frogs lay eggs. I was really pleased with them because they would complete the cycle by themselves just by following what I was reading.

7 - Finally their frog life cycle was ready. My son had the carton egg, but his sweet friend wanted to make it using construction paper.

It was a very educational and easy activity. The children were able to read the life cycle based on what they wrote and listened to me explaining. They constantly repeating the cycle over and over again!! I was very happy with the result, it is one of those activities that makes one pleased  because the result is their understanding of the concepts in the lesson and very visible.

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