Monday, June 11, 2012


Today we designed a xylophone out of a box. It was a simple and fun activity to emphasise the use of words that begin with the letter "X". I recycled a cheerios box, and strips of construction paper which I cut lengthwise.

Materials: cheerios box, strips of construction paper, 2 popsicles sticks to make the drum-type for the xylophone and tape.

First of all, I cut the cardboard into a xylophone shape.

Using the coloured construction paper my son started gluing lengthwise. 

Afterwards we used a cheerios box to make the base to sustain the xylophone, and also to get some sort of sound when he plays with it. I shaped it according to the xylophone format using a tape. 

Finally we glued the xylophone on top of the box, and my son started playing with it.

Nice activity that  promotes the development of hand and eye coordination, colours and sound making, as well as lengths.

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