Monday, June 11, 2012


When my husband and I figured out we were having a boy, we decided to frame the ultrasound. Therefore, X-ray was a familiar concept for my son, and also he had taken an X-ray before. Although he knew about it, he wasn't sure of all the advantages of taken an X-ray. Hence today I decided to go a little further showing him other types of X-ray images. He was very interested in learning about X-rays, and keen to see X-rays of other parts of body like the heart, legs and hands. 

I also showed a picture of a good and bad lung, because he has seen people smoking on the street, and he asked me what they were doing. I explained it and emphasised this isn't a good habit and makes you less healthy. He was very impressed with the pictures and he understood in his own way that smoking is bad for your health - forgive me smokers but this is my own opinion. I know some people might think this is too much to show to a 4 year and 10 months old boy, but I believe children are extremely intelligent and capable of understanding from an early age what's good and bad. Hence we want to make sure that our son understands how to differentiate this concept and able to make wise decisions as an adult based on the things he learnt and experienced with his parents.

Afterwards, I attempted to sketch a skeleton on construction paper with  chalk. He asked me to draw the heart :))). I told my son to touch his ribs to comprehend which part of his body we have sketched. 

Lesson learnt, we played doctor and patient. The game was fun and a great tool to emphasise the meaning of the subject of the day.

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