Sunday, June 3, 2012

Writing with stickers

I went to Target this week and bought a sheet with 168 stickers for just $1,00. My aim was to make my son write words using the stickers. He is learning how to write, thus I thought using stickers would be another way to enhance his writing.

The procedure for helping him to construct the words was me spelling the letters to him,  and his assignment was to find the letters on the page. He managed to write dog, cat, car, hat, fox, boat, cow and kite. After writing, he spelt the words by himself to reinforce spelling and its utterance.

I was very content with the conclusion of this work. The most familiar words for him such as dog, cat, car and hat he delivered easily; I needed to spell it no more than two times. He was focused and determined to deliver his job. Words like fox, boat, cow and kite, I spelt it about 5 times as he still confuses "w" with "m", "k" and "t", as well as he needs to be familiarised with the sounds of words.

I will definitely replicate this activity again as it is another tool to help him to develop the recognition of words and sounds.

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