Saturday, June 2, 2012


We have been working with the letter "S" the last two days. It is one of my favorite letters as there are so many things and animals that you can create with your children to intensify the usage of it. Children are fascinated for spiders, hence I decided to make one out of an egg cartoon. Before began the artwork, I explained to the boys that a spider has 8 legs, 4 legs on each side, and most of them build webs to capture their prey. I also told them that there are various types of spiders, and I showed pictures of it on the internet. There was a spider web outside of our house which I allowed the children to analyse it; they appreciated it very much.

Materials: egg carton, glue, grocery paper bag, sheet to draw the eyes, string, needle, painting and glitter. I cut the grocery paper bag into 24 pieces to make the legs, it was about 1.1 inches Width x 5.9 inches Long. 

I demonstrated to the boys the process for constructing the spider. I explained to them they needed to paint the cartons first, and if they desired they could paint the legs too, otherwise they could live it just as it is. Afterwards they needed to make the eyes which they could glue the ones I provided, or make one themselves with glitter.

The boys painted the carton and the legs. We waited a few minutes to dry it, and then glued the legs onto the carton.

They decided to go for the big scary eyes, as described by them.

Finally I made a hole on the carton with the needle and passed the string through it. I tied the string at the bottom of the carton. The following photo shows the final design.

The boys were very excited with the spider making, and they were quite delighted with the conclusion of their artwork. They love singing the "Incy Wincy Spider" song; they were singing it all the time during our activity.

Making spider is quite fun, it is an activity that improves hand and eye coordination, maths, and team work.

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