Saturday, June 2, 2012


I wanted to reinforce the letter "S" and show the boys many different words that start with it. I found an activity that would be suitable for  them as they are different ages, and would get them all engaged. Making ship out of sponge is an inexpensive and easy activity to make.

Materials: Heavy Duty scour pads, sticks and paper to draw the flag.

I displayed the materials on the table and demonstrated to the boys how to assemble it.

They boys put it together as the picture below shows.

I poured water in the bathtub and they put their ships in there. They were blowing the ship to make it flow.

The older boys liked this activity very much, however, they wished they have played longer as the youngest one got too excited and damaged their ships!!!! They were a little bit upset but got over it after 2 minutes!!!! The joys of raising boys!!!! I love it!!!!!!. 

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