Saturday, June 2, 2012

Shadow puppet Theatre

I am a huge fan of theatre and every time a kid's theatre comes to town, we attend it. I remember the first time I took my son to watch Peter Pan, he was 2 years old, he was so fascinated and didn't take his eyes away from the stage for a second. Hence, today I tried to bring the theatre to our house to entertain my son and my two nephews. The aim was a shadow puppet theatre as it is a brilliant tool for teaching stories, fables and legends from different cultures, and it is also quite fun. The storytelling in my act was  impromptu, and my goal was to engage with my boys, and combine things they like
listening, comprehension and make them amused. 

Settling the room was fairly easy and quick. I took a white sheet and hung it on the wall, turned off all the lights and left the overhead lamp in the room on and began to perform.  The audience was pretty excited,  curious and ready to watch the performance.

As soon as I began acting they were very impressed with the effect the shadow made on the curtain, and they were giggling and enthusiastic.

They were quite happy to engage with the personage.

 After I finished with my performance they all want to come behind the curtain and perform. The shadow below is from my son's arms, he was pretending to be a monster. He also took the puppet and told us an adventurous very interesting story, which made his cousins laugh out loud.

The next one to act was one of my nephews, who was very eager to show us his acting abilities, and get us entertained. 

 My youngest nephew also performed but it was fairly quick as he got too excited and the impromptu curtain was falling down on our heads!!! It was quite amusing!!!!!!!

Our performance was fantastic!!!!!! We all enjoyed it very much. The kids were so delighted that at the end of the play they were hugging me and kissing me and saying how much they have appreciated it. I was highly pleased with the result of our show. It also made me realise that a shadow puppet theater is an amazing and inexpensive family time activity, which will be forever remembered. 

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