Sunday, June 3, 2012


My son and I were talking about snakes, and I was showing him pictures of it on the internet. He was quite interested to know the way they move, live, eat, as well as knowing its colour. After talking about it for awhile he asked me to design one.  

We used 2 paper towel rolls to create the snake, we also used paints to colour it, glitter to form the eyes and string to pass through the snake body to make it flexible.

First of all, my son cut the paper towel rolls into 9 pieces.

He coloured it nicely with the colours he liked. We waited for about 30 minutes to dry the rolls.

To make the head I cut two sides of the top of one roll on an angle. I also serrated the edge to make 4 teeth.

 Using a large needle, I made small holes on the edge of each roll and passed the string inside through it to make the body flexible.

My son used the blue glitter to form the eyes, and glued the tongue between the two bottom teeth. 

The photo bellow shows the final snake.

The aim to pass the string along the rolls was that we would have mobility when moving the snake around. The following two pictures show its flexibility. 

We really enjoyed making this snake, it was so much fun, and it also looked quite cute. I am really proud of my son for putting so much effort to make this work. All the way through in the process of making this snake we talked about all the possible ways to make it mobile. He was very creative and gave me great ideas. I am really delighted with his progress.

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