Sunday, June 3, 2012


As I said previously I enjoyed the letter "S" as there were many animals my son likes and we could create it to reinforce the use of the words and sounds, as well as having fun leaning about it. 

I was researching on the internet ideas of how to make a shark teeth and found on the Dollar Store Crafts  website a brilliant idea of creating the teeth using a paper plate. Access their website, it is worth visiting. The image below is their picture.

I showed this photo to my son and asked him to cut the paper plate to make one similar to the picture. I demonstrated how to cut it once and he did the rest all by himself.

This shark was easy to make and totally inexpensive. We used one paper plate, one white sheet to draw the shark's face, one blue sheet to compose the fins, glue and coloured pencils.

As it was Saturday and Dad was at home we decided to use his help. My husband is an excellent drawer thus my son asked him to sketch the shark's head and fins so he could colour it. The picture below shows the drawn shark and also the teeth that my son cut.

Afterwards my son glued all the pieces, he had extra help from me to glue the teeth, and the following was the final artwork. We all loved this shark, it looked super cool!!!!

As everything needs to end in a mask, my son obviously asked me to cut the eyes so he could put it on and pretend he was a shark!!!!!!!! This is him as a scary shark!!!!!! I love it!!!!! So super fantastic!!!!

This activity was his favourite so far. We had a great family time making it and also playing pretending shark!!!!! I highly recommend this activity to other parents; it is educational and enhances eye and hand coordination, as well as a great idea to spend quality time with your children.

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