Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Today I continued teaching species of animals and their classification. We focused on learning about mammals. I found a really nice website called San Diego Zoo kids - The website has many activities, crafts, games, videos and information about animals. There is a part on the website called animals, if you click on this part you can check all the species. In the mammal category there are a variety of animals that you can learn such as the elephants, foxes, gorillas, tigers, lions, pandas, seals, hippopotamus and many more . The website provides information about the animals' habitat, the area they live, what they eat, their size and babies, as well as supplying many pictures and videos of each animal been learnt. They also have ideas for crafts and activities, which are brilliant.

My son spent about an hour exploring the website; he played games, listened to the sounds of the animals, and learnt more in depth about mammals. I highly recommend this website, there are many things to explore which allows your children to learn whilst having fun. It is also great fun to play with mom's computer and practice working with this technology :))))).

Afterwards, I handed a few magazines to my son and asked him to cut the animals he would recognise as the mammals group, and thereafter make a collage. When he finished searching for the animals on the magazines, he wrote mammals on the yellow construction paper, and glued the pictures. I asked him what were the main characteristics of the animals in this category, and he said that they are warm blooded, have fur or hair, and drink milk when they are babies.

My son likes collage hence he enjoyed this artwork very much. Its an inexpensive and easy activity, as well as educational, and promotes the development of hand and eye coordination.

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