Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Alphabet Maze

I downloaded an alphabet maze from Tot School website: Its a quick and easy activity to recognise the letters. Accessing the link will enable you to download the maze, there is one sheet for each letter of the alphabet. This task is something your children can do by themselves and you just need to monitor them. 

The website recommended to use Do-A-Dot markers, but as we don't have it, we used a normal marker. It also suggested to point just upper case letters, but to make it more challenging I asked my son to circle the lower cases as well. 

Before starting the exercises, I instructed him to use the marker to circle around the upper and lower case letter of the first letter circled in black ink on the first line. I also told him to go through each line, as this way he wouldn't miss any letter. Each sheet took him approximately 3 minutes to finish.

I was really pleased with him because when he finished the exercises, he checked it to make sure he got all the letters circled, without further instruction. He enjoyed doing it by himself, especially when he got the answers right :))))))!!!

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