Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Crocodile Mosaic

Carrying on with our animals classes, we concentrated on reptiles today. The San Diego Zoo Kids website - - was again part of our tool to learn more about this group. We spent approximately an hour talking about this class, and their main characteristics. Visualising the images shown on the website aforementioned, I was explaining to my son the description of the snakes' skin, and raising the awareness of the particular technicolor beauty. As well as the rough and dry complexion of the alligators, lizards and chameleons' skin. Furthermore, I expressed to him that these animals are cold blooded, lay eggs and have scales. Likewise, he studied their habitat, size, and food. My son was really surprised when I told him the size of an anaconda; and I don't blame him as it is quite astonishing for me too, especially knowing that they can eat a whole human body or cow or any other big animal!!!!!!!! 

We also played a game called "move like a reptile". I explained that reptiles move in an interesting way because they don't have legs (snakes) or very short ones, such as the turtles. My son was very successful in his performance of a reptile :)))))).

Following our "snake lunch",  posted earlier, we created a crocodile mosaic. We live close to beach here in Chicago which is a few minutes walking distance from our house. On our way to the beach there is a tunnel which has many wonderful mosaics exhibited on the wall, and my son always stops to admire.  Most times he pauses to observe and beam saying: "Wow, look at that!!!". He really appreciates the mosaics, therefore I had this idea of making a mosaic and I thought today was a great opportunity. 

I sketched a crocodile; or I attempted to scribble a crocodile :)))))) and we both cut small squares of light and dark green, and dark colour of construction paper.

I explained to him how to make the mosaic and he began. My son glued the pieces of paper onto the image all by himself to the stage is showing in the picture below. However, after that he was growing tired and bored, and asking me to help him. So I helped him to do the small parts, the eyes, the hands and the mouth. It took us about 3 hours to finish.

He was really pleased with our crocodile mosaic, he kept looking at the image mesmerise. He couldn't wait for his dad to come home and show him :))))!!!

Throughout the work we continued to dialog about reptiles, I was asking him about the main characteristics of this specie and the difference between them and the mammals. I also made him think of examples. It is an activity that needs patience as you need to work for long hours, plus motivating your children to continue in the exercise. Besides the hard work, I do encourage you to create a mosaic with your children as the end of the artwork looks beautiful, your children learn hand and eye coordination, team work, as well as being patience and motivated.

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