Friday, June 22, 2012

Bird Feeder

The focus of the our day was to learn about the birds category. I was babysitting my son's sweetheart friend and she studied with us; they are the same age. We checked the San Diego Zoo Kids website - - to study the different types of birds. Whilst we were learning about the birds' habitat, food and size, I also explicated that birds have wings and feathers and most of them fly, as well as lay eggs.

I wanted to create something really exciting for the kids to work together, therefore I decided to make a bird feeder. I used a 15 oz packing of bread crumbs, and I made a hole of 3 x 4 inches, and afterwards wrapped the red construction paper around.

Meanwhile, I sketched a bird on a white construction paper and asked the kids to paint it using their fingertip. They wanted to be little birds to protect the bird's house, so that's why they decided to write their  names on the paper and glued it onto their bird feeder.

Furthermore, the kids also wanted to decorate the back of the bird feeder. So they decided to draw themselves on a piece of paper, and glittered it, and then glued it onto the bird feeder. Likewise, they used the glitter to create the sun, cloud and the grass :)))). It looked cute, isn't it?!!!!!!

We glued the birds they drew in the front side of the bird feeder, and hanged it on the supporting pillar of the porch. The images bellow show our final bird feeder.

The following picture was the moment the kids were putting the bird seeds on the bird feeder. They were really excited at this moment :)))))!!!!!!

They really appreciated making the bird feeder, it was definitely the highlight of their day. Later on in the evening my son and I went to our friend's house for our weekly Bible study, and he told them that the best moment of his week was making the bird feeder :))))). It was indeed a brilliant artwork that was easy to design, promoted team work, encouraged the children to be creative, as well as learnt to be caring and loving with the birds.

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