Friday, May 25, 2012


The weather was great today, thus I took my son to the park to play football, and play at the local playground. As we were playing I just had an idea of practising shapes using sticks. We collected a few sticks, and I asked him to count them to make sure we had 10 sticks each.

Materials: sticks.

I made a square and asked him to make one like mine.

After I created a triangle and he made one the same as mine.

I arranged the stick looking like a boot and he followed me.

Then he made an "X" and asked me to do like his.

He asked me to make a pirate boat. I first made one and gave him the instructions, then he made one exactly the one I had made before.

We also played at the sandpit drawing circles, boys, stars and houses. I didn't take pictures because the sun was amazingly bright and it wouldn't capture the picture on my phone. It was a great day at the playground. We didn't need to spend any money on this activity, and we practiced mathematics, shape making, and hand and eye coordination. 

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