Wednesday, May 30, 2012


The theme of our day was to work with letter "J". Thus I decided to make a Jellyfish as it is fun to make and children find it fascinating. Before start drawing the Jellyfish, I explained to my son what a Jellyfish looks like. I showed pictures and videos on the Internet about the Jellyfish habitat, the way they move, and I also explained a little bit about sea life. 

My son enjoyed our pre-lesson about Jellyfish. He thought they were really beautiful sea animals. As Jellyfish have many different colours, he decided he wanted his to be blue.

Materials: paper plate, plastic cup, string, needle, newspaper and crayon. 

Firstly my son painted the paper plate blue. Then I made two holes on the cup and plate with a large needle to be able to pass the string through it. Afterwards I turned the cup upside down and folded the blue paper plate around the cup to shape accordingly. Following, I used a large needle to pass the string through the cup first and subsequently the plate. I tied the string at the bottom of the cup.

Finally, we cut 20 pieces of newspapers around 3 cm each and 45 cm long to make the tentacles. We glued it to the blue paper plate. I took the opportunity and asked my son to count the tentacles to practice maths.

This is how our Jellyfish looked like.

Making jellyfish was a great and easy way to introduce children to sea life, illustrate the letter "J", practice mathematics, or simply have fun with an easy craft.

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