Monday, April 29, 2013

Calling all Teachers

Hello :)))),

Last Saturday one of my good friends threw a wonderful baby shower for our new baby that is coming in the end of June. We were so grateful for the party, and also for sharing the moment with our friends and family. The image below is a sample of the delicious food that was served.


My blog 1st anniversary is in May and I would like to throw a giveaway. I would like to know if  any of you would kindly like to be part of my giveaway donating product(s) you have available at your TPT store. I will use the Rafflecopter to choose the winner, and I am planning to run it every Friday of the month of May starting on May 3rd.  
If you would like to participate in my giveaway I would very much appreciate your help. If you are interested please email me the product(s) you would like to place on offer that is available on your TPT store.
This will be my first giveaway and also working with rafflecopter. If you have any advice feel free to do it please :)!!!.
Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.


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