Thursday, March 7, 2013

Studying and Baking at home

As I mentioned yesterday, I am posting more studying ideas about hibernation and migration. Today I assessed my son's knowledge on this subject.

I purchased on TPT for only $1.95 a Science: Seasonal Changes: Assessment and Study Guide from Mrs. Motley: SOLTeacher -
This material is excellent. It includes a summary of the meaning of the subject in context, as well as an assessment. It is written in a simple and clear way that allows the child to answer the questions without further assistance from the tutor.

Another worksheet I purchased for only $1.50 was a Winter Animals Hibernate and Migrate Reading Comprehension from Rebecca Horner -
This is another great tool about reading comprehension, which reinforces the meaning of hibernation, migration and adaptation.

I am always searching for recipes to make at home, and have my son to help me. As I mentioned in other posts, I believe it is very important to teach our children to cook as it is a skill that they will use for the rest of their lives. It also encourages them to eat healthy food. Furthermore, it helps them to build self confidence and learn how to follow directions. Teaching them how to cook will also prevent them to spend much time watching TV or playing games. And the most important of all is that you and your child may spend a wonderful together.
My son and I baked a delicious desert called Italian Cream Puffs with Custard Filling from Eats Well with Others;
 I totally recommend you to try this recipe, its super super tasty!!!! We had a friend over for tea today, and she also approved it, she said that it was delicious :). I love cooking for other people to make their lives sweeter :))).

Last week a friend of mine brought crayons and a large roll of brown paper to my son. They sketched a silhouette of my son's body, and my son finished coloring it today. He colored as if he was wearing a suit and a tie like his dad :)). They also sketched my son's beautiful heart too :))).

I highly recommend you to purchase the materials aforementioned. Both are great sources to assess your child on the subject matter. I also advise you to try the recipe, you will love it :)))))!!!! Have a great Friday. Thanks :)!!!


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