Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hibernation Migration

Hello my friends :))))!!!!!

This week I am teaching my son about hibernation and migration. I wanted to teach this lesson in the beginning of the winter, but we were too busy studying for his exam. I also thought that I should finish this subject this week as the weather is quite appropriate for the topic; cold and snowing. The spring is also almost here so we better hurry up :)))!!!!

I bought, for only $3 on TPT great materials, which is worth purchasing. It has a very simple explanation about the topic, as well as exercises about: vocabulary, syllables, ABC order, word search, words making, writing, poem, true and false questions, and real or imaginary quizzes. In addition, there is a little booklet that the kids can take along with them. The language written on the booklet is very simple and easy for them to understand too, and the images are very cute. The name of the material is called: Hibernation - Time to Sleep from Mrs. Mitchell's First Grade. If you are interested to purchased the material click on the link below please:

I also downloaded for free a very helpful tool on TPT. It is named Hibernation Migration Sort from Live it Love it Learn it. A very useful material to differentiate animals of those that migrate and hibernate. The link to download this activity is:

Another material I downloaded for free was a Hibernation Foldable Reader from Jennifer Drake. This is a very easy and informational booklet to prepare, your kids will love it!! The following is the link to access the material:

In order to get out of the house and have some fun, my son and I went to the park today. We played snowballs and also made a snowman. It was the first snowman we ever done :))), I guess it looked quite cool for a first one :))!!!! My son loves playing in the snow... it is so amazing to watch him running, and falling on the snow and giggling. Snowman building is great for teaching my son to understand basic chemistry as all snow does not end in a snowman easily and the biology of frostbite. It is one of these simple activities that you do with your kids and they enjoy very much!!!

We are going to continue studying about hibernation and migration this week. I will keep posting the activities we do, and also recommend materials to purchase or download. Thanks for checking out my blog, I really appreciate :))!!!


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