Saturday, March 16, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Cupcake

I was planning to go to the St. Patrick's parade today, but it was too cold and snowing a little bit here in Chicago. Hence, I decided not to go and instead spend my day baking with my son :)), which was the best decision ever. My son and I had a wonderful and messy time baking cupcakes. My son got  really hands-on today making cupcakes. He loves being part of the cooking: mixing the ingredients, licking the bowls, and making experiments with the dirty dishes afterwards. This is one of those types of activities that have a variety of advantages helping him to develop his creative skills, hand and eye coordination, listening skills, chemistry as well as maths skills.

Whilst, we were waiting for the cupcakes to cook, we created our shamrocks leaf.

As soon as the cupcakes were cooked and cooled, we decorated them with the frosting. I loved watching my son taking charge, and decorate his cupcakes in the way that he desired. He was very proud of himself :)))!!!

After frosting and putting sprinkles on the cupcake, my son decorate it with the shamrocks. He used a toothpick to hold the shamrock.

He did an awesome job :))!!!

The following are images of the ones I decorated.

Moreover, my son did a few exercises on worksheets focusing on patterns, problem solving, CVC word and word search. All these materials were downloaded on TPT.

 We have a beautiful and very gentle dog, her name is Jessie. She was spaded and the last two weeks she has been on antibiotics because of complications with the operation. As a result, she is feeling quite miserable lately.

To cheer her up and inexhaustible good cheer and energy we made her dog biscuits. The recipe is very easy to make, which I took from King Arthur Flour, and the name of the recipe is best of breed dog biscuit -
I did not have a bone shape biscuit cutter, thus I sketched it on a piece of parchment sheet, and shaped it using a toothpick. It took me approximately 30 minutes to make 12 biscuits, but it was worth. It looked quite nice :).

The image below is a picture of the biscuit before and after baking. It needs to look dark brown and crispy. 

I also shaped the biscuits with other cutters I have available at home. The biscuits looked nice, and tasted  very delicious. My dog (Jessie) and my husband approved, they both enjoyed eating :))).

 Have a terrific Sunday. Thanks :).


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