Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!!!!! Hope you had a wonderful time spending time with your loved ones, and also eating chocolates :))!!!

We had an amazing day today. We went to church this morning, which was very touching and inspiring. On my son's Promiseland school they learned about Jesus' resurrection, had treats, and also lots of fun. He painted a picture of Jesus and the Cross to represent that He is alive.

My son received many Easter baskets full of chocolates and candies, which made him very happy :))!!!! As I love making crafts, I decided to create my own Easter bag to put my son's treats. The idea of the bag came from Country Woman. The instructions of how to make it, are on the website which are very easy to comprehend and to create. It looked super cute!!!!!

We also made marshmallows covered with white chocolate, and orange food coloring, which was super duper yummy!!!!!

Throughout this week my son have made many Easter crafts. One of them was a decoupage Easter eggs with paper napkins. I saw this idea on Pink and Green Mama. My son enjoyed doing this activity and did a wonderful job :)!!

Moreover, he decorated  a few plastic eggs, an idea that I saw on Pinterest.

I also made cupcakes, which I intended to look like a chick, and my son decorated it. The cupcakes didn't look like a chick, probably because I didn't have the right tools to make it. I have to buy the right utensils and make it again. Although it didn't look as I wished, the taste was superb :))))!!!

Have a blessed week. Thanks :)).


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