Saturday, February 2, 2013

Position: Ordinal Numbers – Naming Position

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My son studied maths this week and we learnt about ordinal numbers and naming position. He completed all the exercises on his singaporemath book, but I felt he still needed further practice. Hence, I designed a set of activities that include 22 exercises about ordinal numbers and naming position. The aim of these exercises is for the child to learn how to name positions through ordinal numbers. It also has plenty of practice to distinguish between numbers and ordinal numbers. They will be able to understand that numbers are used to measure the quantity of objects whilst ordinal numbers are used to describe positions.

Another purpose of these exercises is to practice counting from both ends of a sequence, naming the position of the objectives using the ordinal numbers.

This material is available for FREE on TPT website, to download your free copy just click on the following link:
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Below are samples of the material available for free on TPT.



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