Monday, January 21, 2013


Happy Martin Luther king Day!!!!!!!!!

Reading about the life and achievements of Martin Luther King,  as well as listening to his speeches was very interesting. I learned about him when I was in school, so it was great to read it again and learn more in depth the struggles and accomplishments of that generation. Thanks to them we all are able to have a better life, and hope to share the same civil rights. Although, there are things that need improvement, we definitely came very far.

I also felt a bit sad to talk about discrimination and racism with my son. It is a shame that even nowadays the skin color, religion, race, or country you are born are still obstacles for people to obtain equal education, health care, housing and jobs.

We started our day reading books about MLK that we borrowed from our local library. We also watched videos about his "I have a dream speech", "The March on Washington", and "MLK Bio".

 I downloaded a few materials from TPT that were very useful and other great activities to do on MLK day. My son did a lot of writing today, and one of the exercises was to write about his dream of what a better world would be. He wrote: " I want my dad to be a pastor. He would talk about Jesus and love." I was completely touched by his actions, he said that love would make people feel and act in a better way.

He also wrote about the dream of his life. He said that his dream was for his mom and dad to be happy :)))). I was extremely proud to have such a thoughtful and wonderful son that thinks about his parents happiness. 

Furthermore, I found a great idea on one of my favorite blogs, First Grade Parade, to help the students to understand the similarities and differences of people using eggs.

I put two eggs on a plate, one brown and one white. I asked him to tell me about the similarities and differences between the two eggs.  Furthermore, I asked him to close his eyes so I could break the eggs. I inquired whether or not he could tell me which yolk was from the brown and which was from the white.  He could not see the difference. I explained to him that this was the point of MLK that there is no need to discriminate when we are all the same inside and mostly outside, the only thing that differ is the skin color.

Afterwards, we mixed paintings and my son put it on his hands and printed it on the paper. He then wrote three things that he could do with his hand, in other words, what he could do to help people and make the world better.


It was indeed a very productive and educative day. Hope you enjoy our post. Thanks :))).

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear. Martin Luther King, Jr.


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