Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Utensil Holder

I was searching on Pinterest for Christmas decoration and I found a cute utensil holder on Stamp with Heather. She used a pillow box to create the utensil holder, as I did not  have one, I tried to create it using construction paper, and it actually worked quite well :))). If you would like to see her model please follow the link:

To design my version I used the following materials:
-red, black, white and green construction paper


1st: Cut the red construction paper in a vase form about 6 inches long x 6.5 inches wide (bottom part) x 3.5 inches (neck of the vase) x 5 inches (top of the vase). I made half red and half green.

2nd step: Turn the paper on the side and fold the edges.

3rd step: Cut the black construction paper in stripes about 1 inch wide, and then glue onto the red paper.

4th step: Cut the white construction paper in squares about 1.5 inches. Then glue onto the white paper a 3/4 of a inch square black construction paper to make the buckle. Afterwards, put glue around the white paper and put silver glitter.

5th step: Cut small circles of black construction and glue two of them onto each holder to make the bottoms.

6th step: Your utensil holder is ready to be used :))). I think it looks adorable, can't wait to set the table to see how they will appear :))).

Hope you felt inspired for your Christmas table decoration :). Thanks!!!


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