Monday, December 17, 2012

Santa Claus

Yesterday we went to see the Christmas light at the Lincoln Park Zoo, it was awesome!!!!!  There were colorful lights everywhere. There were also dancing lights, which was magical!! Santa Claus was in the lion's house, which gave us the opportunity to admire the magnificent Siberian Tiger, whilst we were waiting to take a photo with him.  My son took a beautiful photo with Santa. He told me that Santa was very handsome and smelled nice :)))), and that he also told Santa he wanted a Batman car, but he forgot to say that he wanted Robin too :))).

As we were feeling very inspired about Christmas, he asked me to make a Santa Claus mask. We made ours from paper plate, construction paper and cotton balls. We spent some time playing Santa, it was fun :))).

Hope you have a nice evening. Thanks :))!!!


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