Saturday, November 17, 2012


This is my first year in USA, and my first Thanksgiving celebration. I am quite excited about the festivities and all the delicious traditional food is going to be prepared for the Thanksgiving feast. I am also trying to learn everything I can to be able to understand the meaning of this celebration, which is very much enjoyed by the Americans.

As I am teaching my son about Thanksgiving, I am also learning. My son loves reading and throughout this week, we read three books about Thanksgiving: Celebrate Thanksgiving with Turkey, Family and Counting Blessings by National Geographic; Thanksgiving Day - A Time to Be Thankful by Elaine Landau; Thanksgiving Is by Gail Gibbons. These books are excellent resources to learn the history of Thanksgiving, they are very informative, attractive illustrations, and easy reading.

Furthermore we made a Pilgrims hat, which I took the model and instructions from Fun Family Crafts -

My son also worked with syllables, patterns, sight words coloring pages, and ABC order. All these great materials were available for free on TPT. The links below are the ones that direct you to each activity my son did today.

In addition to the exercises, we played a fantastic game with sight words. My son loved it, and had a lot of fun reading the words. The following link is the direct access to the game.

Moreover, we made an Indian, Turkey and Pilgrim craft from toilet paper. The idea was taken from the DLTK Growing Together website -

We made the feathers of the turkey from construction paper. I asked my son to name six things he is grateful for, and then write each one of it on each feather.
Things that he said he is grateful for:
-His studies;
-Pilgrims and Indians;
-Our house;
-His dad's work;
-For us, our Family, and the dog and cat.

I was very proud of my son for his list, and wonderful heart :)))!!! Such an amazing boy!!!!!

Hope you have a great weekend. Thanks :)).


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