Thursday, November 8, 2012

Magnet Racing

Our day started very well today. In the morning my son had his grammar assessment, which I posted on November 7th, and he was excellent :)). It was a delightful result!!!! In the afternoon we did a science project with magnets. It was a fun experience that my son enjoyed very much. He was pretty surprised with the way the magnets work. He was very pleased we made a racing car so he could enjoy playing with it afterwards :).


-two small magnets (in case you want to have more than one player)
-two 12 inches ruler (again, in case you want to have more than one player)
-pieces of construction paper
-large sheet of stiff cardboard
-paint brush


1st step:  Draw the shapes of the racing cars on construction paper. You can make the wheels a different color, and make the look you like :). Cut the racing cars with scissors. Decorate the cars with stickers, or glitter to make up your own racing car.

2nd step: Glue a steel paper clip to the underside of each racing car. Glue a magnet to the end of the ruler (or use a scotch tape like me). Let the glue dry while you draw the racing car track.

3rd step: Cover the table with newspaper. Sketch the racing car track.

4th step: Paint the racing track yellow with a red line in the middle, and paint green the landscape. Let it dry.

5th step: Decorate the racing track and landscape with the things you desire.

6th step: You can put the track on two books, so it is raised all around the edges. Place the racing cars on the start line. Push the ruler underneath, so the magnet faces upward and attracts the paper clip on the base of your car. Move the ruler slowly, so the magnet drags the paper clip and car along.

 My husband was very happy to play the game with my son too :). The video below is them playing with racing car together :)).


This experiment was easy and fun to design. My son liked it very much and enjoyed playing with it, as well as learning how the magnets work. It is a brilliant educational idea to make with your kids, which they will appreciate very much :).

Thanks :)).

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