Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Grammar Assessment

I designed a grammar assessment to evaluate my son's knowledge of differentiate between proper and common noun, adjective and noun, as well as his understanding of using the nouns in the plural form.

This assessment is composed of six exercises:
-The first exercise the child has to give examples of proper and common noun for: people, place, thing and animal.
-The second exercise is a set of questions and the child has to circle the proper noun.
-The third exercise is a set of questions where the student has to circle the noun and underline the adjective.
-The fourth exercise is a list of words where the learner has to write the plural form of the given nouns.
-The fifth exercise is a multiple choice drill to choose between common and proper noun.
-The sixth exercise the child has to draw a picture of his family and then write a description about them.

These exercises are aligned with the Illinois Common Core Standard.

This material is available on TPT. To purchase your copy just click on the following link please:

I would love to receive a rating or opinion about this material.


The pics below are sample of the material.

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