Friday, October 19, 2012

Wind Vane

Today we started leaning about colonial days. The following picture is a book that we borrowed from the library, which its very good. It has a variety of projects, activities and recipes that we can experience to make our children to understand how other children lived in America many years ago. The context of the book is very informative and simple to understand.

The first project we made was to create a wind vane. I thought it was wonderful as yesterday we did science and this instrument was part of our studies.  I explained to my son the history behind the wind vane, which was described easily on the book I above mentioned.

Materials to make the wind vane: newspaper to cover the table, pencil, ruler, poster board about 10 inches, which can be printed from the internet, scissors, crayon or colored pencil, 1/2 pound self-hardening clay or play-doh, tape.

1st step: After printing the poster board from the internet ask your child to color it, which must be colored on both sides. Cut the vane model after coloring.

2nd step: Using the pencil make a hole in the center of the play-doh or clay of the stand. Push the pencil all the way through the stand and make the hole large enough for the pencil to turn freely.

3rd step: Tape your poster board weather vane to one end of the pencil and insert the other end in the hole in the stand.

4th step: Try your weather vane outdoors on a level surface. The vane will turn in the breeze and point to the direction the wind is blowing. There was no wind in Chicago today :)), so we couldn't try outside, but we will do it as soon as it happens :)).

Have a wonderful weekend. Thanks.


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