Monday, October 22, 2012


I am really happy because I just received an email from Teach123 that I was the winner of the October giveaway :))))).  It made my day!!!!!!!!

I got Fall Literacy Center from Teach123, which are materials aligned with Common Core Standards.
Included in this packet are:

1. Fluency center: Sentence Shuffle Center "At the Pumpkin Patch"
**These centers are normally sold separately for $4.

2. Sentence Puzzle

3. Falling for Great Books: includes book list with 40 books that has reading levels, center sign, and 2 assignments

4. Fall for Homophones - fall leaves are cut in half, on each half is a homophone. Student match the homophone pair and then use 3 of the pair in a sentence.

4. Homophone memory game

5. Journal assignments: one page with 6 strips of sentence starters for school and one with 6 strips of sentence starters for home journal (homework program)

6. ABC order & autumn word bank - arrange the words in the autumn word bank in alphabetical order and then write on worksheet

It is available on TPT:

The second wonderful material I got was Go Pirate - Multiplication and God Pirate - Division, which are material designed for 3rd and 4th graders.

It is available on TPT:

These materials are worth buying, super well designed and wonderful eye catching illustrations. I highly recommend!!! Thanks.


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