Thursday, October 4, 2012


Today we started a new topic in our Science discipline, which is Seasons. The aim of the lesson today was to introduce the name of the seasons and explain briefly the characteristics of each one. My son and I had a busy day working on our seasons' wall. It was a hard work but worth it, I was very pleased with the results. My son also reinforced my joy with that of an expression of sheer delight  for our activity today. Whilst we were amidst our project today we spoke about clothes that are worn in each season, the actions performed, temperature, and much much more. Particularly, with regards to my son as he attempts to use all the words in the largest dictionary each day :-)

The image below is our final wall.

 We designed the body of the snowman using cotton balls. My son used glitter to create the eyes and mouth. The hat and scarf were made from construction paper, and we used stickers for the arms.

Summer is amazing and this poster looked so cool, I really liked it :))). We used a grocery bag to design the sand, and the water was paint with a brush and tempera painting. The sun, cloud, bird, fish, toys and little boy was created out of construction paper.

My son and I went to the park to collect leaves and sticks. We were quite lucky to find a nice stick with a few leaves attached. We used wood glue to adhere the leaves onto the paper. The colors of the leaves made this poster look so beautiful.

I love spring and the following poster is my favorite :))! My son used the brush to paint the grass and the trunk of the tree. The leaves on the tree was finger painted. The little boy, the flowers and cloud was made from construction paper. We used glitter to make the rain.

It was a very productive and educational day today. My son was enjoying himself with the project and was delighted with the result. We were short on paint today, we had only the primary colors, which was awesome as he needed to learn to mix paints in order to obtain the desired one. His eyes were sparkling when we mixed the paints to discover the brown and green color, which was totally priceless. I feel really privileged to be part of my son's first chemistry experiments as I can see his amazement when he had his eureka moment.  

Hope you enjoy our post. Inform me please if you have any questions or comments. Thanks :).


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